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Orkut for your Mobile


The Search Engine Giant: Google's social networking website as we all know Orkut which is most popular in Brazil, Pakistan and India has now finally launched its full fledged mobile website.

You guys can access to this Orkut mobile website by visiting http://m.orkut.com. I even used this on my cell but didn't found too intuitive. Since last year, As you guys must have noticed, Orkut added so many features like Applications, locking profiles etc etc to stay in hunt with other popular social networking websites to regain its lost popularity to other websites like MySpace and Facebook which ranks even higher than Orkut in terms of traffic.

The Orkut mobile User Interface shows features like your recent 4-5 scraps ,birthday reminders, updates from friends, other links like "Home", "Scrapbook", "My Profile", "Friends" and lastly a search box from where you can search users.

I will suggest you guys to get Opera browser for your mobile and browse the complete website instead of the mobile version which is not very intuitive to use.

Mobile site’s URL - http://m.orkut.com

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