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Drunkard Car!!! Can you imagine


With ever increasing petrol prices, Eco friendly technologies seem to be catching on. The royal UK family has been caught by the bug. It wasn't long before Prince Charles realized that there are a number of wine bottles lying in his detatched house for ages and could be used for some real use. Afterall, how many bottles could Prince can drink.

He got an idea of using his unused wine bottles for running his 38 year old Aston Martin car which he got as a birthday present from Queen Elizabeth when he was 21. The prince managed to run his car completely on bio-ethanol to reduce his carbon emissions.

The prince has also converted his other cars which are mainly jaguars, Audi and LandRover to run on 100 percent biodiesel fuel made from used cooking oils. I can certainy say "Ecological Commitment".

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Nokia Supernova


Supernova is what Nokia has decided to call their upcoming mobile phones. the news is spreading rapidly like a forest fire and the Internet blogs are bubbling with activity. The very first Supernova range is expected to be out later at the end of this year.

Now you guys must be wondering why Supernova and not something else??? Me too initially.. Well the term Supernova makes up an image of something unique and spectacular which means something different from what we are actually used to. I heard Nokia is bringing four models in the very beginning. They will be named 7210, 7310, 7510, 7610. I believe the models arent going to be too costly. The most expensive of the four is said to be released at a price of 350$(approx).

Regarding features, they are actually somewhat similar to the previous ones. Some new features that are expected from Supernova series is 3.2 MP camera and a TV-Out connectivity. I believe there will be an option to get the GPS maps and an option to upload multimedia content direct to the websites from this series. These fones are for young guys and girls.. Fashion and design is the core of the range and Nokia knows you want it apart from a regular phone. These could be yours very soon at an attractive price.

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9:01 AM

Apple's coolest iPhone available for Sale


The countdown has finally finished. The most awaited day has come today. Apple announced the launch on January 9, 2007. Its the 11th July today and Good news for Apple users is that iPhone is going to be launched in the US .Other than US ,iPhone 3G will also be launched in various other countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK today itself.

Apple says that the new iPhone 3G will be twice as fast the exsisting iphone without 3G. The new version of this IPhone software is 2.0 and it has lots of exciting features.

Apart from this, Apple has also launched a mobile store named App Store , which will be accessible by new iPhone 3G.This App Store will offer many cool applications for your IPhone from many around the globe including a variety of categories including games, business, news, sports, health, reference and travel etc etc.

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6:00 AM

Worm targetting Apple OS


These days Apple is enjoying a very good market share all over the globe. Security is one of the most important reason why people would prefer Apple's Macintosh machine compared to Windows.

One reason for The Apple Mac's low susceptibility to malicious attacks is because the Operating System is based on the UNIX based kernel which is pretty much stable than the windows platform. Moreover, right now the single digit market share of MAC is not looking too lucrative to the professional hackers.

Since last few years, the visibility of Apple has increased a lot in the personal computing space. Its compounded by IPhone's stunning success throughout the world and hence controbuted a lot to the visibility of Leopard, its operating system. Mac are now being used by the enterprise segment.

The latest malicious threats to the Macintosh OS is a trojan horse named ASthtv05. Some world renowned analysts has classified this issue as a critical one and raised an alert for it. This trojan can compromise the latest patched versions of Leopard and can eventually take the control of the infected computer. Moreover, it also gains complete administrator rights once the user opens the trojan file. It then opens ports in the firewalls, logs all keystrokes, transmits user names and passwords, takes pictures from the Web camera and also turns on file sharing. It also hides in the background and might turn off system logging thus even preventing the user to come to know that the system is even infected.

An interesting point to note, however, is that the source code for this trojan is freely available on the net. This has led researchers to think that the several variants of the exploit code may sooner or later will come. Right now, Apple hasn't commented anything about this threat, through SecureMac's security software can disable this malware. The researchers are also confident that soon Apple will release a patch for this exploit.

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7:34 PM

Bill Gates taking one step forward: Out of Microsoft


The name Bill Gates has been synonymous with Microsoft ever since the company came into existence. With his resignation on June 27th, an era came to an end both for the Microsoft as well as for the tech world.

He started our inside a partnership between an engineer and a Harvard dropout and started making Basic compilers on Altair machines and then Microsoft went on to become the technology giant with Gates enjoying the position of richest person in the world for so many years. During this course of journey, this company Microsoft earned its fair share of controversies and loyal supporters. It was challenged by both Apple and open Source Linux. Last but not the least, in the Internet war, Google gave a very tough competition to Microsoft. Howver despite all deficiencies and failures, Microsoft still remains the top hotspot of the tech world for a very long time, riding on the huge success of products like Windows XP and MS Office.

After stepping down from Microsoft, Mr Gates planned to spend most of his time and money in philanthropic work with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Having an economic asset of nearly 65$ billion and great help from another tycoon Warren , this foundation is the largest ever in terms of funds at disposal. This foundation is involved in tackling diseases like malaria, AIDS and Tuberculosis. Bill Gates is also having a liking for India and he visits here more often and recently gave 27$ million in grant for fighting HIV/AIDS in India. With time, I feel Gates will be remembered more for his charitable works than for Microsoft.

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