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Creative Launches ZiiO Tablets in India


Creative Technology Ltd., which is known for its audio products, is entering the tablet market with the launch of two new products - ZIIO 7 "ZIIO 10" tablets in India. Creative Touch ZIIO tablets was launched to the world-X (lossless codec and audio format) enabled touchscreen tablet that works on Android operating system.

Creative tablets ZIIO boast the most perfect, no-frills experience Bluetooth pairing with a wide range of Creative speakers and headphones. The company claims that the tablets are designed to offer users an all-round multimedia experience, with the best audio performance wireless tablet Android Market, and integrated Sound Blaster X-Fi (X-Fi Crystalizer, X-Fi Expand) technology audio enhancement.

Creative ZiiO 7 inch Tablet Specs

* 7 inch 16.8 million color TFT, Resistive Touch Screen
* Android 2.2 Froyo OS
* ZiiLABS ZMS-08 HD Media-Rich Applications Processor
* 207.4mm x 133mm x 13.7mm
* Weight: 415 g
* 8GB / 16GB internal storage
* microSD Slot (up to 32GB)
* Front facing camera (VGA)
* WiFi 802.11 b/g
* Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (with apt-X, A2DP & AVRCP)
* X-Fi Audio Enhancements (Crystalizer, Expand)
* mini USB port
* HDMI port
* 3.5mm stereo jack
* Audio support: MP3, AAC, WMA9, FLAC, OGG, MIDI, WAV
* Video support: H.264, MPEG4, WMV9, MOV, AVI, MKV
* Battery Life: Up to 25 hrs (audio), up to 5 hrs (video)
* Colour: White
* Price: Rs. 17,999/-(8GB version)

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10:30 PM

Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 Soon to be Available for First Testing


In a draft statement issued by the Director of Christian Mozilla Legnitto, gave details of future versions of Mozilla. According to the draft that we will have 6 and 7 Firefox. It also sheds light on the ongoing process of refreshing its procedure for issuing the browser companies in developing countries.

In addition, a new application was introduced already in Mozilla Aurora Central, Beta and Release.

A number of appointments in the channel using a browser that is ahead will be focused on several issues, but significant, he said. For example, Mozilla is the central focus on the overall development, the project blends repository. In addition, the North Mozilla will take care of pressure and support fixes / features that sets the center channel as a problem with a wider public beta and Mozilla solves the problems that could prevent a final release soon discovered and, in extreme cases off backout / pref.

Mozilla version is actually an emergency reserve in case of an enthusiastic response.

Development program and the announcement of each event:

Except for Firefox 5, in general, every step of the process for a period of 6 weeks.For for example, after the development of six months will be available in Central and Mozilla work on Mozilla's beta has started and so on.

And so we will have Firefox in the last week of June 5

Firefox 6 has its initial impulse, April 12 and next week we might have its first building for testing. The work on Firefox on May 7 will begin in mid May

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What Is The Difference Between Debt and Equity Investments


It's never too early to start financial planning for future needs, as the dream house, new cars, pension funds, early marriage, foreign travel, etc. Most young people who are in the first 30 or 20 in late great care to make money, but spend the hard earned money right now to live the married life. daily life is for them. They do not care much about the future needs and tend to fight when their purchasing power decreases with age. These people will realize their mistake later part of their life and regret not having a good plan.

I was one of those people who love to live life king size today. I used to spend all they earn very little or no savings. Thanks to my brother who found my kind of shopping bad and I learned a lot about the importance of saving and planning for the future. I understand the importance of savings and started to plan future needs.

I read a lot of information on financial planning and expenditure control instincts. Let me share my background and my thoughts on this blog with a new set of Personal Finance. I hope you guys will join me to exchange views and plan a better future.

The basics of financial planning is to understand various investment options available and the nature of their statements. financial investment products are classified into two types - debt and equity.

debt investment gives a guaranteed return and predetermined, but the yields are very low. Tell me who give me money and I promise to make money with a fixed interest - is a debt investment. debt investment options available in the market - the fixed rate deposits, government bonds, PPF, etc. These investments are safe, secure and at the same time, yields are low. In India, we get an average 8% return on debt.

The investments are totally opposed to debt - which offer high returns, but there are many risks associated with them. Let's say you invest in a company and do the same to share their profits with you. If the company is doing well and posting high profits, you get a high performance, but if the company loses bankruptcy or lose your investment or to obtain a much lower yield. Typical examples of investment in shares - invest in equities and equity funds. On an equity investment gives average yields ranging from 15% - 25% over the period with a considerable amount of risk associated with them.

I hope that these basic principles will help you have begun to explore various investment options available. I want to conclude this post with what I firmly believe in

No matter what you win today, but how many questions we have put the future of a game.

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11:37 PM

Energy Saving Tips For Smartphones


There are many applications and functions that run in the background, many of them unpublished for users who remains unnoticed until the battery from your smartphone to run low. Being online and some modern applications do not eat the battery life.

There are some simple tips to turn a smartphone to stay longer in some applications available on App Store to help prolong the life of a cell phone.

UMTS applications with more energy. A simple way to save battery is to change the screen settings to the lowest level of illumination. Once the target coordinates are, disable the browser. This software keeps running in the background, "said Daniel Lueders.

Disable UMTS and Wi-Fi when not in need. Otherwise, look for the networks accessible at all times. In addition to the phone in Airplane mode when you go on a long journey in which there would be no access signal that the phone still in search of signals from the service provider.

In Android, there is a settings menu that shows which applications are using more energy. Making a video or data transfer via UMTS, the energy consumption is skyrocketing.

Disable the automatic downloading of e-mail directly and manually download smartphone, save energy.

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11:35 PM

How To Login To Multiple Skype Accounts At A Time From A PC


We all love to use Skype to video chat and cheap international phone calls. This is an excellent tool for companies looking to provide online support via chat and voice calls. If you have two Skype, lets say one for personal use and one for your official use, how to connect to both accounts at once on your computer?

Multi Skype Launcher is a free program that allows you to connect to multiple Skype accounts on PC simultaneously. The request for application developers who tested with up to 5 accounts at the same time Skype and it worked fine. We tried with two accounts and it worked fine. Discover the request and let us know your opinion.

Download Multi Skype Launcher

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11:30 PM

Screenshot Of Windows 8 Welcome Screen


This is the first taste of Microsoft Windows user interface 8 - grab screen Welcome Screen that allows users access to Windows. The user interface design (font and the current date / time information) is derived from Metro Phone Windows user interface and that is good (click the image below to view free).

The information that comes in various blogs suggest that Windows 8 is a built-in customization feature to change the Windows Wallpaper 8 logon screen

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11:26 PM