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5 Google Analytics Metrics To Increase Traffic


Many of us may be busy in writing compelling content for our blog and forgetting to analyse the current visitors and trends that are driving traffic. Google Analytics is a great free tool that offers loads of information on visitors and traffic source of our blogs. If you can spend time once a week on analysing the important metrics of Google Analytics, you can take your blog to next level.

The 5 most important Google Analytics metrics we should check are:

1. New vs. Returning Visitors
2. Keywords
3. Referring Sites
4. Top Content
5. Visitor Loyalty

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9:38 PM

Indian Rupee Symbol now on Mobile Phone With Lava Mobiles


We already knew that the Indian Rupee Symbol has been launched on documents, web and keyboards, now on mobile phones also. Lava Mobiles, an Indian mobile phone brand has launched a new mobile handset(Lava B5) that will have the Rupee symbol integrated on the mobile keypad.

The same Lava B5 mobile, which came out with the first full alpha keypad (means having keys in A,B,C,D format instead of normal QWERTY ones) few days back.

However it is quite heartening to see the rate of adoption of Rupee Symbol – Many prominent online publishers have already started using it. Also, if you glance at your daily newspaper, many advertisers now use it to show their product pricing.

Certainly, Lava B5 is the first mobile phone having the rupee symbol on its keypad.B5 is also the first phone with world’s first Alpha keypad with keys arranged in ABCD order. Expect more companies to follow this soon.

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9:07 PM

Earth running out of Helium: No more Balloons in Future for parties


There is no doubt that we are running out of many resources required for supporting life on Earth. There is shortage of water, oil, natural gas, minerals and many more resource.

Couple of days ago Stephen Hawking, the renowned astrophysicist, said that we should colonize space within two centuries, otherwise there is a danger of mankind extinct.

Another scientist Robert Richardson, a Nobel Prize winner, believes that Helium supplies will run out in another 25 years. Once we are out of Helium there are no more balloons for birthday parties or as gifts to our loved ones, at least for the common man.

Helium is widely used in medical MRI systems, manufacturing LCDs & fibre options, rocketry, airships, controlled atmospheres, pressurizing and purging gas systems.

So what do we do once we run out of Helium. According to Robert Richardson

"There is no chemical means to make helium. The supplies we have on Earth come from radioactive alpha decay in rocks. Right now it’s not commercially viable to recover helium from the air, so we have to rely on extracting it from rocks. But if we do run out altogether, we will have to recover helium from the air and it will cost 10,000 times what it does today."

US is the major producer of Helium as it accounts to 80% of the entire world’s production. US seems to be selling Helium at “ridiculously low prices” says Robert. So we need to do something to preserve this precious gas. Robert suggests

[Let the US] Get out of the business and let the free market prevail. The consequence will be a rise in prices. Unfortunately, party balloons will be $100 each rather than $3 but we’ll have to live with that. We will have to live with those prices eventually anyway.

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