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How to add Twitter search to Google search results


The recent survey’s shows that the social media tool Twitter is going to dominate even the search engine giant Google.The power of Twitter lies in its real-time search results and already it is said to have more than 25 million tweets per day.

Here we’ve found out a very useful Firefox add-on which display these twitter real time search results for any search term on top of Google search results.

How can I Install Twitter search?

Unlike the other Firefox add-on’s, this Twitter search service comes as a Greasemoney script.Hence you will need to install a Greasemoney add-on first and then the actual add-on before you start using.

1.First install the Greasemonekey Add-on Through here.

2.Now, click on the ‘Install’ button inside this link to get the actual add-on ‘Real-time Twitter search on Google’.

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