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Google's new Secured search


Google deployed secure version of its search engine at https://google.com (have you noticed https instead of http?). This search engine allows anyone to use the Google search safely.

How is it secure?

If you use https://google.com, data exchanged between your browser and Google's servers is encrypted so that nobody can feel it.

Is my Google search history secure?

No, the queries that you submit to Google's servers are stored in Google. There is no change in the registration of Google's search history.
Any difference between public and secure search results?

Yes. Secure Search is different from the regular search. When you go to Google Safe Search

1. Image search will not be available in the left sidebar.
2. Site may respond slowly compared to regular research site because of an overhead projector to show between your browser and the server.

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11:27 PM

WalMart Reduced iPhone 3GS Price To 97$


Walmart store has cut the price of iPhone 3G 16GB model for $ 97 with two-year service contract. This offer saves you $ 100 and it starts today.

Apple slashes prices for its products where they plan to release an improved version of a product.

The slash of the iPhone 3G have enough confirmation that Apple is planning the next release of iPhone, unofficially dubbed as iPhone 4, released in the coming WWDC conference....

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10:52 PM