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iPhone Tip: Force Quit Frozen Application


Despite their nature, many politicians, may have applications for the iPhone is not responding too. This tip will help you leave the application for the iPhone that does not respond or if you want to leave a permanent application and does not reduce to a minimum when the multi-task is activated.

An iPhone application downloaded from the App Store can go at times that do not respond because of memory problems or other insects. Similarly, the opening of a large number of pages in the iPhone, Safari OSA can lead to not respond.

In case of no response because of memory problems, a watchdog iOS automatically closes the application in general. However, on some occasions, I found the need to quit Safari, when AOS pending indefinitely on access to poorly designed web page. Here's a suggestion that the PM will be useful in these situations.

How to stop the application of Frozen terminals without multitasking:

This included older devices like the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G, and more. Since there is no bar on these multitasking devices iOS more here AOS manual method to force the application to quit.

While the media application, press and hold the power button until you see the slide off the screen.

Now press and hold the home button until the application is closed and you are redirected to the home screen. It usually takes about six seconds. You can now launch the application again and continue your work.

How to quit a frozen application on devices with multitasking:

Since the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G/4G support multitasking, the process is different from them. Follow these steps:

Double-click the Home button to access the multiple taskbar.

Now press and hold the icon for thrills. You will see a red sign (-) on each icon now. Press the red minus sign on the application you want to close. You may have to scroll left or right to view multiple applications.

Remember, press the red bar closes the application multitasking and do not delete it. You can start from the home screen, if necessary.

The next time a Web page that makes your iPhone reactive Äôll is as close and restart Safari.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit Launched in India [Features & Specs]


Samsung has already launched a variety of smartphones and feature phones on the market. Even Samsung is the market leader in Android phones in India. These days Samsung is more concentrated in increasing the range of combined galaxy. This time a new handset is launched in the galaxy series, Samsung Galaxy Fit.

Galaxy Samsung Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit is a new smartphone added with 3.31-inch TFT touch screen with TouchWiz Interface 3.0 later. It works with 2.2 OS Android. The phone is integrated with 600 Mhz processor, Swype, Document Viewer. To make smart phone, Samsung Galaxy Fit is equipped with 5 MP camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and HSDPA support.

Features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy Fit

* 31.3-inch TFT touch screen capacitive
* 600 MHz processor
* Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS
* TouchWiz UI 3.0
* Support for 3G network
* Internal Memory: 160 MB
* Up to 32GB MicroSD card support
* 5 MP camera with autofocus
* Video 15 fps Recording Support up
* Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
* Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
* FM Radio with RDS support
* GPS and A-GPS support

Samsung Galaxy Fit is released at the price tag of Rs 13000.

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eBay India is Now Available on Mobile Phones


World's most popular purchase and selling on-line site "eBay" is also available on your mobile. Now you can access and shop anytime, anywhere in India with the help of eBay's mobile applications. m.ebay.in simply typing and start shopping.

eBay has officially launched its mobile version compatible mCommerce platform, which will be available on all EDGE GPRS or 3G enabled mobile phone. Now, it is to buy a smartphone for special access to eBay, you can use telephones also provide basic access to eBay.

Words from eBay

"The new mobile application is optimized to meet most of the phones in the Indian market"

eBay mobile commerce interface offers a choice of over 400.00 ad line of branded products to new investors.

You can easily check for the retail price of any product by sending the search query to 567,678 in the format "EBAY.

You can access the mobile version compatible http://m.ebay.in

If you want more information: eBay India

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Use Your iPad as a Virtual Canvas With Nomad’s Capacitative Brush


An electronic brush that works with your iPad is now available on the market. Nomad Brush is the name of this accessory iPad that users can easily purchase online for $ 24. If you're passionate about drawing and then have a Nomad iPad iPad Brush is perfect accessory for you.

Don Lee, the creator of the accessory commented in a blog post that:

“I am an architect and an artist. I love to sketch and paint, and like many of you, I found the iPad to be a great digital sketchbook and canvas. However, I found that drawing with my finger was awkward. After trying out many styluses, I failed to find a suitable one…so I invented the Nomad Brush. Each Nomad Brush is carefully handcrafted and made with exceptionally conductive materials. This allows the brush to be extremely responsive, making brushstrokes immediate and effortless on any capacitive touchscreen device. Enjoy creating with your Nomad Brush.”

There are lots of application iOS available in the App Store that will allow owners to convert their equipment iPad tablet in a sleigh full of drawing canvas. But Nomad brush on the market, all iArtists got their hands on a perfect accessory that can help them create wonderful masterpieces on the game and Apple iPad developments selling.

For more information about Nomad Brush, you can visit their official website, more if you are interested in buying one, you can also follow this link Buy Nomad Brush

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Imgur: Fantastic Way to Upload and Share Multiple Images


We need immediate sharing of images many times especially when we have screenshots to share. There are many Web sites to share pictures online, but there are many limitations in most photo sharing sites. Suppose you want to download an image to tinypic, we must enter the CAPTCHA code every time you load an image. In addition, most websites do not support the uploading of multiple images and we have to load images one by one. There are a few sites offer free pictures and download more and do not delete images.

Imgur good service and easy to share the image

Imgur is a site that lets you download multiple files from your computer or an Internet URL specified. The download is fine and has never been interrupted. You can also resize the image transferred to our needs. The user interface of this site is attractive and uses a flash of default that shows the loading progress bar. You can also switch to the HTML version if your browser does not support the flash version.

Key Features of Imgur Image Sharing Service

* Upload an image file without worry, as CAPTCHA
* Upload multiple images
* Download the image with the URL of the image file.
* Allows you to use the direct link to the image of website layout
* Nice Flash Interface
* Custom Image Resizing option
* Meeting with the large community of Imgur navigation images downloaded
* Options for direct image bookmarking like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

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What is Thunderbolt Technology


Thunderbolt, a collaborative project of Intel and Apple, was presented today at the new line of MacBook Pro from Apple. Apparently, the next big thing, he is quoted to be the most powerful, flexible I / O technology into a personal computer.

This technology aims to replace the interconnections as FireWire, USB and other connections with up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth full-duplex per channel. Thunderbolt is based on the fundamental concept: create a technology unbelievably fast input / output that can connect everything. This line of thought is formed, allowing more high-performance PCI Express and DisplayPort devices to connect to a computer via a single physical connector.

The two most basic types of I / O: data display (with video and audio format). DisplayPort and PCIe Thunderbolt in a meta-protocol, and is responsible for transmitting them through the same cable routing and traffic control. Intelligent routing is through the implementation of garlands and hotplug devices. It 's a movement essentially clear and intelligent use of both technologies.

Thunderbolt uses copper wires, which are actually two full-duplex channels can provide 10 Gbps of bandwidth bidirectional. At 10 Gbps, the lightning is much faster than most current I / O technologies. This speed is 20 times faster than the theoretical limit of USB 2.0, 12 times faster than FireWire 800 and two times faster USB3.

According to Intel,

The choice of PCI Express was clear, providing for off-the-shelf controller use to attach to nearly any technology imaginable, and the choice of DisplayPort was equally clear for meeting the needs of the PC industry with capabilities like support for greater-than-highdefinition display resolutions, and support for up to 8 channels of high-definition audio.

Thunderbolt cables may be electrical or optical, since both use the same connector. The merit of the electric cable is that it may extend only to the connections of up to 3 meters in length and up to 10W of power transfer. Optical cables are however capable of much better performance. However, once again, users can add functionality to their machines for high performance on a cable, series connection, one after another, up to a total of 7 units, 1 or 2, which can be viewed with high resolution DisplayPort .

Thunderbolt connector on a computer can be connected with a cable to Thunderbolt DisplayPort products or devices. Because the connector Thunderbolt is extremely low, it is ideal for cable systems, thin and compact. A method of interoperability between devices and household products DisplayPort provides compatibility with DisplayPort DisplayPort devices if the device is detected, a disk controller Thunderbolt will Compatibility Mode DisplayPort signals to this device. As such the existing monitors are equipped with Mini DisplayPort already compatible and can be connected directly, and Mini DisplayPort to VGA, DVI or HDMI even work.

The main features can be enumerated as follows:

* Dual-channel 10 Gbps per port
* Bi-directional
* Dual Protocol (PCI Express and DisplayPort)
* Compatible with existing DisplayPort
* Devices in a daisy chain
* Electric cables or optical
* Low latency synchronization with the very precise time
* Use the native protocol driver software
* The power supply for devices powered by the bus

In the words of Intel, the Thunderbolt technology brings a new balance of performance, flexibility and simplicity for end users and developers of similar products.

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