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Intel Starts Shipping Dual-Core Atom Processor


Intel has started shipping the first dual-core Atom processors, which are targeted to laptops or handheld devices with internet access – dubbed MIDs, Mobile Internet Devices. Atom 330 is built on 45 nm manufacturing process, works internally at 1,6 GHz, works externally at 533 MHz, has 1 MB L2 cache and TDP of 8 W. Its MSRP is of USD 40 (in 1000-unit tray quantities).

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Intel core 2 duo vs Intel dual core vs Intel Pentium D


Difference Between Intel core 2 duo vs Intel dual core vs Intel Pentium D
Many people are confused what exactly the difference between Intel Core 2 Duo Processors and Between Intel Pentium D or Intel Dual Core processors….

I would try to explain from a END user point a view rather not going in to details architecture over view…

The Simple facts are,

All Core 2 Duo Processors are Dual Core Processors..
All Pentium D Processors are Dual Core Processors..
All Intel Dual Core Processors are Dual Core Processors…

Pentium D is nothing but 2 Prescott Processors side by side… runs very hot, not a good OverClocker…

Intel Core 2 Duo processors are next gen processors from Intel on 65 nm platform… developed from Ground up with new Architecture called Core… so they are whole new Processors just Jump like Pentium 2 to Pentium 3 or Pentium 4… Expect one Core 2 Duo Lowest End Processors like E4400/E4300 taking up and beating Intel Pentium D 3.8 GHz ones with ease … runs damn cool and super over clocker…

Intel Dual Core Processors are just launched striped down version of Core 2 Duos.. there are 2 in Market for Desktop range, E2140 runs at 1.6 GHz with 1 MB L2 and 800 MHz FSB and E2160 with 1.8 GHz with same specs of E2140…. these are not Pentium D rather they are same batch like Core 2 Duo based on the new Core Technology…. they perform same like Core 2 Duos but they were launched with a very low price to counter the market of super low cost but high performer AMD X2 range line up to AMD X2 4000….

Dual Core Computer Processors: Luxury Or Necessity?
Most of the talk going on in the computer processor industry is revolving around dual core processors. But what advantages do they actually give and is it worth it in terms of price?

All processors have a core. A core contains some memory, often referred to as cache, either L1, L2 or L3, depending on how close it is to the core, and the core itself, as well as a few other essentials. The core is the "brain" part, it performs all the big calculations that are needed for the various things a computer does.

Computer cores have been increasing in speed, and increasingly quickly. Manufacturers were in a race to have the chip with the fastest speed, measured in GHz. One surprise is that despite these increases in clock speed, the actual speed of programs didn't increase proportionately.

As modern programs make much heavier use of other computer parts like memory, and there are often many running at the same time, another approach was needed.

Dual core processors were the answer.

By putting two "brain" parts into the processor, you can run two programs on two cores, without having to share it between them. The effect of this is that when running two or more programs, the processor can now handle much more as a whole.

The part about them that might disappoint is gaming.

Unlike the multitasking environment that is usual for a computer either at home or at the office, games rely on the brute force of a powerful processor to help them along. So far there is no technology to take advantage of the two processors, like the ability to split its tasks over two cores. Most gaming has not improved with this new technology.

As with processors in the past the mainstream of dual core processors is dominated by the two big guys, Intel and AMD.

Intel offers two processors in its range, same processor, just different speeds. The lower priced of the Pentium D processors comes in at around $250. This price is reasonable considering how much you would pay for the top of the line single core processor.

The Pentium D is based on the same core as it's single core counterparts, just two of them inside. Its boost in performance is quite notable, and makes it presence felt in the multitasking environment.

The AMD Athlon X2 is AMD's offering in the dual core market. Unlike the Pentium D its lowest priced model comes in at a staggering $400. It's not expensive compared to processors like its FX series, which are over $1000, but in comparison to Intel it's expensive.

It too is based on the same core as its single core cousins and also offers the same performance increases.

The price of the AMD is surprising. From a company that became renowned for it's low cost, high performance processors this is quite a blow. Even the upper model of the Pentium Ds comes in at less that AMD's cheapest model.

The price might be justified if the AMD actually gave a significant performance boost, but it doesn't.

For the first time in a long time, I think I would be willing to switch back to an Intel processor. Although my preference is not for dual core, if I had or needed to switch I would certainly go straight for the Pentium D.

And finally, how do they compare to their now out of date traditional processors?

Considering how powerful processors have become I would still not make the switch. Dual core has not been around long enough to produce low cost, slightly out of date models. The power of the AMD Athlon 64 3000+ more than does it for my computing needs, and that's where I would stay for now.

So for those who are looking for the next cool thing for their desktop computer and price is not a huge issue, this would be your best choice, but go for the lower end Pentium D.

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Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor QX9770


Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor QX9770
Get untouchable desktop performance from Intel's latest Extreme processor. Play games, edit high definition video and easily tackle the most demanding multitasking environments like never before.

Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor
For extreme computing. Enjoy revolutionary levels of performance enabling vivid, high-definition experiences and multi-tasking responsiveness from state-of-the-art Intel dual-core and quad-core technologies.

Intel® Core™2 Quad processor
Multimedia enthusiasts, prepare to enthuse. Bring quad-core performance to your desktop with the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor. It's the ideal engine for highly threaded entertainment applications and highly productive multitasking.

Intel® Core™2 Duo processor
The power to perform. With power-optimized enabled dual-core technology and exceptional energy efficiency, the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor excels running the most intense applications.

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Intel Amd Servers


Intel vs AMD servers. Which processor is best for a web hosting server?

If you go to any dedicated server provider, you will see server offers for both AMD and Intel processor based servers. So which one is better for your website or web hosting company? This question is hard to answer because it is dependent on a lot of variables; but I will try my best to give a decisive answer.

AMD and Intel have always been in close competition over the last decade. Whenever Intel was winning, AMD would catch up and overtake Intel. After awhile Intel would catch back up with AMD and overtake them. A competitive market at it’s finest! Anyway, back in 2002-2006 if you would have asked me which I thought was better, I would have said AMD. However, since Intel released its Core2 based processors, I will have to go with Intel for the time being. That is for now…it’s only a matter of time before AMD releases its next generation processor to take back its claim.

Over the years I have purchased dozens of servers in all kinds of configurations – dual core AMD, single core AMD, dual core dual proc AMD, single core Intel, dual core Intel, etc. Even though I give raw server processing ability and power to Intel, AMD still has some advantages.

AMD: better Low – Medium end servers – Best bang for the buck

If you have outgrown your shared web hosting plan or your VPS plan, it is time to upgrade to a dedicated server. The only problem is that there is a big price jump between VPS and a dedicated server. For that reason, I suggest that you start out on a Single Processor AMD server. The price for AMD based equipment tends to be lower which in turn lowers the monthly cost of the server. A comparable low end Intel machine usually costs $30-50/m more than your low end AMD server. AMD also has advantages on certain process types. For instance, AMD can run Java based applications better than the comparable Intel server.

Intel – High End Servers – Raw Power house

Out of all the high end web hosting servers that I have purchased, my dual proc dual core Xeon servers have always outperformed my high end AMD Opteron servers. When it comes to raw power and data/number crunching, Intel takes the cake. Compared to Opteron processors, Xeon processors have a much larger processor cache. This higher CPU bandwidth allows the machine to process more at a quicker rate than the comparable AMD. For this reason, Intel can run MySQL, Email, PHP, and other services faster than the AMD. Since these services are usually the center of most hosting businesses, I think Intel makes the better web hosting server. I also think that Intel servers are slightly more reliable than AMD because the other hardware in the server is usually perfected for Intel based processors. AMD is a smaller company so other hardware vendors spend more work and effort perfecting their hardware for Intel based machines.

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Intel® Core™2 Duo Desktop Processor, Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor and Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 6x1 For the Intel® Core™2 Duo Desktop Pro


For the Intel® Core™2 Duo Desktop Processor E6000? and E4000? sequences, Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E2000? sequence and Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 6x1? sequence at 65 W

Depending on the type of system and the chassis characteristics, new system and component designs may be required to provide adequate cooling for the processor. The goal of this document is to provide an understanding of these thermal characteristics and discuss guidelines for meeting the thermal requirements imposed on single processor systems using the Intel® Core™2 Duo desktop processor E6000/E4000? sequences, Intel® Pentium® Dual Core Processor E2000? sequence, and Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 6x1? Sequence.

The concepts given in this document are applicable to any system form factor. Specific examples used will be the Intel enabled reference solution for ATX/uATX systems. See the applicable BTX form factor reference documents to design a thermal solution for that form factor.

64-bit computing on Intel architecture requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, operating system, device drivers and applications enabled for Intel® 64 architecture. Processors will not operate (including 32-bit operation) without an Intel® 64 architecture-enabled BIOS. Performance will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations. Consult with your system vendor for more information.

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Nightmare experience with Web Server Hostings


This company does everything they can to prevent you from managing multiple domains. their system makes it as burdensome and difficult, obscure and slow as possible to be able to manage multiple domains. they will gladly and quickly accept domains being brought in, but letting you out? forget about it. unless they can bill you for another year in advance, you can forget about moving your domains to any other domain registration company, as this company will make it as confusing and difficult to transfer your domains out as it can be humanly imaginable.

They recently blocked all my transfer requests on a 30+ domain transfer out of 1and1, refused to answer transfer emails that should have been delivered to our company mailbox and that were being withheld by them and not properly forwarded to me, they delayed transfers until we threatened them with legal action if they didn't allow the transfers to go through, and ultimately, changed the expiration date for many domains that had not yet expired in order to charge us for at least 15 domains that we should have never been billed for;

finally, after billing us, they didn't update the date in the whois, so the new registrar sees no updates to the registry expiration dates, and this would mean that we were defrauded by 1and1, as registry expiration dates not only were not updated, but that 1and1 BILLED US AND DID NOT RENEW OUR DOMAINS since we were transferring them out!!!!

we had to send them letters and calls and it was a NIGHTMARE to try to get our domains out, 1and1 ended up DELETING 8 domains of our 30 domains, when we tried to transfer them out; and refused to acknowledge the transfer requests, now we have 8 domains in redemption because of the REFUSAL of 1and1 to transfer our domains; charged us in advance for 22 domains that we attempted to transfer BEFORE expiration, and DID NOT UPDATE THE REGISTRY DATE AFTER CHARGING US!

UNBELIEVABLE! we are filing a complaing with ICANN about this. Do NOT HOST ANY DOMAINS WITH 1AND1! it's a NIGHTMARE to manage any domains you have, you won't be able to pull them out of there when you need to do this quickly and timely, pay 1 dollar at any other better registration company, and do not EVER consider 1and1 for your domain registration needs, not only it's a nightmare, but also have SCAM policies in order to improperly bill you in advance for unexpired domains and to make the whole process as burdensome, difficult, impossible and horrible as possible! you have to even FAX a signed LETTER and do a double confirmation ONLINE plus TWO different cancel processes, in addition to unlocking, and you must make SURE that you change to emails NOT HOSTED WITH 1AND1 if you expect to RECEIVE the transfer emails,

or else you will not receive your transfer emails, they will withhold them!

in other words,

if you have a domain with 1and1, and ALSO hosting, you have a BIG PROBLEM!

Tags: Web Server, Web Hosting, Web Server Hosting

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Best VPS Hosting


By definition, web hosting service is an Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to have a website accessible via World Wide Web. So if talk about web hosts, these are companies providing space on a server they own for use by their clients. In other words, they provide internet connectivity and a data center.

If you are looking for a new web hosting service, visit Web Hosting Geeks. You can also read their web hosting blog , which tackles about industry news, trends, products and discussions. Visit the site and find the top 10 Web hosting or best web hosts for the year 2009. Web Hosting Geeks provides cheap professional web hosting services that you will love. As a matter of fact, all of the web hosting plans include at least one free domain name registration. Aside from that, you can get 30 day money back guarantee.

Web Hosting Geeks rated InMOtion Hosting to be the best vps hosting. Indeed, InMotion Hosting have maintained this position since 2003. Visit the site now and know which company has the best budget hosting, best blog hosting, best forum hosting, best UNIX hosting, best PHP hosting, best Email hosting, best Ecommerce hosting, best multiple domain hosting, best reseller hosting, and best dedicated hosting.

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Web Server Rackspace Hosting Scope


The scope of rackspace hosting services varies widely. The most basic is web page and small-scale file hosting, where files can be uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a Web interface. The files are usually delivered to the Web "as is" or with little processing. Many Internet service providers (ISPs) offer this service free to their subscribers. People can also obtain Web page hosting/Web Server Hosting or rackSpace Hosting from other, alternative service providers. Personal web site hosting/rackspace Hosting is typically free, advertisement-sponsored, or cheap. Business web site hosting often has a higher expense.

Single page hosting/rackSpace hosting is generally sufficient only for personal web pages. A complex site calls for a more comprehensive package that provides database support and application development platforms (e.g. PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, and ASP.NET). These facilities allow the customers to write or install scripts for applications like forums and content management. For e-commerce, SSL is also highly recommended.

The host may also provide an interface or control panel for managing the Web server and installing scripts as well as other services like e-mail. Some hosts specialize in certain software or services (e.g. e-commerce). They are commonly used by larger companies to outsource network infrastructure to a hosting company.

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Web Hosting Reviews and Rating at WebHostingGeeks


Numerous web hosting review sites that exist in the market and most of the sites that they refer to are nothing but their advertisers. The reviews that are posted about the services are mere reflections of their marketing strategies. There is a growing phenomenon in the market to highlight the services that are not at all offered but still mentioned in the advertisement; a one way method of duping people to earn millions. But as we all know that the best can always stick out their necks and say that they are the best. One such website is WebHostingGeeks.com

WebHostingGeeks is one of the best sites for getting authentic information about various web hosting companies that exist in the market. Actually there is innumerable number of web hosting companies around the world and they all promise to provide you with hassle free web hosting services but most of the promises fall flat on their faces. WebHostingGeeks has reference to various web hosting sites along with their authentic reviews. So it becomes very easy for the service user to approach only those companies that have the real potential to live up to their promises.

Besides the above mentioned feature of WebHostingGeeks, it also contains information about multiple domain hosting, green web hosting, free domain names etc. All these services offered by the reputed web hosting companies are reviewed and rated accordingly. A person trying to learn about the services offered by the different companies can not only get information about the same, but will also be able to view the ratings and reviews to make a final decision on availing them.

You can play your role in saving the earth by going for the green hosting services as they use all renewable and alternative resources for their web hosting services. Since renewable resources are used for manufacturing servers and computers, so opting for the green web hosting services will push the cause of environmental awareness.

The reviews and the rankings that are present on the above mentioned websites are all authentic and it will not take you much time to verify the same. It is very easy to get your own web hosted through WebHostingGeeks. Use the above links to get the best services in the web hosting industry and see your business touching new heights of success.

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Xmas fever: The busiest day of Facebook


This christmas Facebook, one of the most highly visited Social Networking website got a record traffic, with 1 in every 22 websites visited in the UK going to the social network. According to a survey, Facebook was the second most online destination in the United Kingdom these holidays, second only to the Google Inc.

Traditionally, Christmas time has been the busiest time for all social networks but this Christmas achieved three new milestones.

Facebook accounts for around 1 in 22 UK Internet visits this Xmas.

Last Christmas 2007, Facebook created record number of visitors that wasnt surpassed untill July 2008. But this Christmas created a new milestone for Facebook when the UK's most popular Social Networking Website ie facebook got 1 in every 22 UK Internet traffic visits.Thats a huge number.

Im presenting a screenshot from Hitwise to depict the numbers.


Not surprisingly, watching videos is a better option for people having nothing better to do. YouTube has been the 3rd most popular site in the United Kingdom for Christmas this week, beating out the Windows Live Hotmail. In all, Hitwise is saying that social networks accounted for 10% of web traffic during the period which has been a record traffic.

YouTube got around 2.13% of all UK Internet traffic compared to 2.11% for Windows Live Mail. During the same week time, YouTube was the third most visited website in the UK behind Google UK and Facebook, while Microsoft Live Mail was ranked fourth.

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Thailand blocked 2300 Websites


Recently, I got the news that Thailand has blocked around 2300 websites since the last year. The reason being they are offending the country's monarchy, told by a senior official.

Amond these blocked websites, around 90% have been registered abroad and have been blocked for pornographic content. Also they were threatening national security, said Ms Sue Lo-uthai, a Senior official at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology had already started in 2007 to start blocking websites as law was enforced according to which the officials have the power to take actions against Cyber crime. But the number of websites who were blocked in 2007 was quite low.

“Most of the cases are lese majeste ones which have rapidly increased this year. I personally believe that the reason behind the increase is the political conflict in Thailand,'' he said.

The majority of Thai people greatly revere 81-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Insult of the monarchy is a crime known as "lese majeste" may isue a penalty of up to 15 years in jail.

Thailand has experienced serious political up-heavels which almost virtually paralysed the Thai goverment for so many months. Loyalists of exiled ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra extended their two-day demonstration against a newly formed government on Tuesday, demanding that it call general elections.

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LG Launching First 3G Wrist Cell Phone



LG has unveiled a new 3G wrist phone. The LG-GD910 is encased in a curved metallic case and looks like a wrist watch. It has a 1.43 inch tuch screen and supports HSDPA speed.

LG’s new GD910 wrist phone may be far from the first watchband-mounted cell phone, but it will still be the world’s fastest. The Korean electronics manufacturer announced its long-rumored wrist phone on Monday, which will be the first to make use of 7.2Mbps HSDPA wireless Internet.

Besides the phone’s unusual form factor and high-speed connectivity, it will also play host to a host of other features, including a camera for video calls and snapshots, a text-to-speech engine for voice dialing and composing text messages, a built-in MP3 player, and Bluetooth. All of it has been rolled into a waterproof metal case 13.9mm thick, with a 1.43-inch touch screen up top.

LG is planning to make its debut at CES 2009 in Las Vegas o Jaunary 8. It will be shown in the US initially, though LG has plans to ship this product in Europe and Korea initially.

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Twitter expanding drastically with around 10000 New Twitter Accounts on daily basis



I stumbled upon a very interesting report known as "State of the Twittersphere" which is for Q4 2008 Marketing Report and released by Hubspot, an Internet Marketing company. According to this report, Twitter which is the Internet's most successful and popular microblogging platform, got huge traffic this year 2008 with 70% of total accounts created in this year itself. Also, around 5000-10000 new accounts are created daily.

There are some other interesting facts as well. According to Hubspot's report, around 35% of Twitter users have followers less than 10 and 9% of people do not follow others at all. Also, people like to Tweet the nost on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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A quick report on 6 latest Gmail features


Google Inc, the biggest search engine and a Giant is having a reputation of adding more bells and whistles to its Gmail in order to prove its supremacy over longtime leaders including Yahoo and Microsoft.

Some of the latest features of Gmail are Tasks which is like a To-do list, video chatting. These features are not only exciting, they are adding great value to Gmail's functionality which means several exciting features right inside your mailbox.

Lets have a look at some of these 6 new features in Gmail.


Google is into testing of a new feature known as "Tasks" which will help users to keep track on their day to day activities.

This "Tasks" or "To-do list" will help Gmail users to create their daily activities. Just like "Chats", "Tasks" sits in a similar kind of window. Hence it remains visible even when users read their emails, make some searches or any other tasks. This feature is still into the testing phase.

Now in order to enable "To-do list", navigate to Settings-->Labs tab. Select enable checkbox just next to "Tasks". Finally click on the "Save Changes" at the bottom. Gmail will automatically refresh and then you will see "Tasks" link on the left side just under the "Contacts" link. Click on it to explore the features.

Now lets see how to create a new task. Just click inside the empty part of your list and type anything. You wont find any buttons to save as it is saved automatically. Hit the return key on your keyboard and gosh..... you are done with your first task.

An exciting feature of Gmail is that it is possible to convert your emails into Tasks. To do this, select the emails, navigate to Actions--> Add to Tasks and you are done.

Twitter Gadget


Following the huge success of twitter, Gmail added a Twitter gadget to let users tweet directly from their inbox supporting some icons as well. With this exciting gadget, users can start Tweeting right from their Gmail inbox.

This TiwtterGadget lets user to toggle on/off some of the display element like timestamps, message sources, thumbnails. We can even set the refresh intervals between 3-30 minutes or it can be set to manual also. To view additional information about the user, just move your mouse to the thumbnail image.

To get TwitterGadget into your Gmail, go to your Gmail labs which is a green icon on top and then turn on the Gadgets tool. After doing this, Gadgets tool will be a new lab icon on the top of the Gmail page settings. Click that icon and provide http://www.twittergadget.com/gadget_gmail.xml into the edit box and thats it, you are done. Hit the Save button. Signin again and start tweeting right inside your Gmail.

Turn your email into Google Docs

Google Inc is planning to give yet another exciting feature which will convert your email into Google document in a single click.

It means, Google is avoiding copying and pasting text from inside the email and then converting to document. With this tool, we just have to open the email we want to convert and then click on the 'Create a document' link on the right. With this, now you have a new document which you can edit and share anytime.

Now to enable this feature, navigate to Gmail Labs inside Settings, select 'enable' just next to 'Create a document' link and click 'Save Changes' link at the bottom.

Gmail Video


Recently, Google launched a very exciting feature which enables Gmail and Gmail App subscribers to chat with their friends on a video screen along with simultaneous Instant Messaging right inside the Google Chat box. You can even pop out the video screen out of the chat box anytime which can be moved anywhere on your screen. It is also possible to change the size of the screen and expanding to display in full screen size though it will be done almost in rarest of scenarios.

The only pre-requisite required with this is that both the persons should have their webcameras on along with microphones. Businesses who bought the enterprise version of Gmail will also receive this feature for no additional cost.

PDF Viewer


Google has finally provided the support to view PDF documents right inside your Gmail. Now if users will receive an email with a pdf file as an attachment, they will also see a "View" link right inside their mail to open this pdf on the web itself without the need to download into their computers.

Click on the "View" link and it will display your pdf document right inside your another browser window with so many formatting options to play with like we have in Google Documents. There are two options to view the PDF: Either you can view the PDF as an HTML file as well as in the new viewer. However, you can still download the PDF.

I am pretty excited with the launch of this particular feature.

Gmail gadget for Google Desktop


Though you can not say this feature strictly as a Google Gadget, rather it is a very handy utility for the Google Desktop users. It allows the users to search emails, read emails or even send new messages right inside from Google Desktop. Their is also a provision to star your messages and using keyboard shortcuts.

James Yum who is the Developer Programs Engineer, Google Desktop, said in a blog post, "You can Star messages, use the same keyboard shortcuts, and we didn't forget about contact auto-complete. It doesn't take up much space in your sidebar or desktop, and you can also resize it to show as few or as many messages as you'd like."

This application can be used only on Windows as of now and requires Google Desktop version 5 or more.

On delving inside history, Google desktop was released on October 2004. The main purpose of this application is make searches inside your PC very fast and easy just like searching over the web. Google Desktop provides users full-text search over the email, files, music, photos, chats, Gmail and WebPages viewed.

The application also contains some other gadgets as well that allows users to see new emails, weather forecasts, pictures and some personalized news.

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H2go Hybrid Hydrogen RC car


No carbon, no batteries.......Loads of fun!!

A new toy car known as H2go Hyrbid Hydrogen RC car for the kids has been launched. It took more than 5 years of dedicated research and development to develop this next generation energy management, energy technology and aerospace propulsion system. The most astonishing part of this car is that it doesnt need any batteries and even with its remote control.

This battery free toy car is a real working version of the laboratory vehicles running on renewable and zero emission hydrogen fuel. Now lets see how this car gets power. This car gets its energy from the water and sun and moreover combines fuel cells for cruise power along with fast charge super-capacitors for speed. And you get a fast propelling fueld cell car which doesnt even require any batteries.

The complete product includes: solar power plant, hydrogen station, remote control, hybrid electric hydrogen car, and a user instruction manual. Moreover, it is recommended for only ages 8 and above.

You can purchase this car for around 150$.

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Yahoo! layoffs hit Flickr


Flickr has been acquired by Yahoo! in 2005 for around 40$ Million and has been considered as the golden child of the organization. According to Yahoo, Flickr was such a cool web application they invested in and thought it was so good that they even dumped thier own Yahoo photos which was quite popular in favour of it. The Yahoo Layoff has not only affected the employees working for it, even the Flickr has been affected.

George Oates, female and a high-profile member of the Flickr team and one of the site's early employees, was told that she was being given the chop too. What a sad end to her contributions!! I have the news that even some other members of the Flickr team has been laid off as well including- Jeannie Yang, David Sharma and few others. Just to mention, Oates was the person responcible for designign Flickr's interface.

Clearly, Flickr is no longer untouchable. Recently I got the news that Yahoo! is even thinking of selling Flickr to Microsoft.

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Google Chrome: Out of Beta


Recently Google announced that its Chrome browser which it launched few months before is now out of beta stage which seems quite unusual considering the fact that another Google product: Gmail still has a beta tag even after more than 4 years since its launch.

Google also announced that the Chrome browser has more than 10 million active users through out the world. Thats a great number considering the fact that it has a market share of around 3%.

Apart from removing this beta tag, there are so many new features introduced the Chrome along with some bug fixes since few weeks. Some of these features are : Bookmark Manager. Regarding bugs, I suppose it has fixed the problems playing the audio as well as video files as previously sometimes they played and sometimes they do not. As you all must be aware of the fact that the biggest weakness of Google Chrome browser is its inability to support the extensions. Google is still working on the same.

I also use Chrome sometimes as its very fast giving it an edge over its competitors. With Chrome, I can manage my day to day email tasks like reading and replying emails, reading feeds, searching Google, downloading some files. Though I have to switch back and forth to my second favorite browser ie Firefox since Chrome has problems playing Audio and Video along with lack of extensions support. But still, I can manage.

Now as it is out of the Beta stage, I believe Google Inc would like to follow some tactics which made the Microsoft Internet Explorer the world's most popular Internet browser like bundling it out with some other software programs or even Windows. But I am forced to think whether people would be addicted to it or not?

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Gmail added a new To-do list feature


How often you tend to forget to do your important tasks on time? Do you want any help? Google, the giant is right now testing a new feature for Gmail which will help users to keep a better track of their tasks on daily basis.

Google' official blog mentioned that they have designed a new feature known as Tasks which is specifically designed to help the Gmail users to create a list of their day to day activities. The Tasks will be visible in the same kind of windows just like chat window and it will remain visible throughout the user activity which means it will be visible even while users are reading their email or even using the Search feature to search or some other tasks as well.

This feature has already been designed by the Google labs and is right now into the Testing phase. 

Once this feature gets integrated, we have to enable it. For that, go to your Settings, click on the Labs tab. then select "Enable" which is next to "Tasks" and finally click on the "Save Changes" link at the bottom of the page. It may take a while to display this feature, but once it is done you will see Tasks" link just under the "Contacts" link on the left. Click on "Tasks" to get started.

Now lets see how to create a new task. Just click inside the empty part of your list and type anything. You wont find any buttons to save as it is saved automatically. Hit the return key on your keyboard and gosh..... you are done with your first task.

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Google Adsense Ads now on Apple IPhone and G1



Facing a very strong economic crisis, Google was searching for some new ways to enhance their revenue and finally ended up with an interesting idea: Adwords for Apple IPhone and G1. With this, people can purchase ads specifically for these handheld devices having their own separate reporting & campaigns. 

Everything in this idea can be done through Google Adwords interface. Google is claiming that you wont need to modify the ads for IPhone and G1 cellphones unlike the standard mobile ads since these mobile phones have full efatures rich Internet browers for surfing the websites.  Hence it is possible to display your normal adwords ads and landing pages on these small handheld devices without any need to modify the ad code. 

In other words, I can say advertising on the iPhone or G1 or future Android-powered devices is just as easy as setting up a regular AdWords campaign for the Web. 

It was only a matter of time before Google extended AdWords to these devices, wheres a number of startups are already having phenominal success. AdMob, similar to Google adsense is enjoying 4.5 billion impressions each month on mobiles in the month of October itself and are belived to raise a revenue of around $15 million. 

I feel with Google entering this area of advertising and publishing, it would surely hamper the growth of other small players in the mobile ad space in terms of revenue.

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Firefox VS Internet Explorer VS Chrome Vs Opera



These days, Internet Explorer browser is not the only available option. There are so many browsers with great amount of penetration in the market along with so many extra features. 

Currently, I can see four browsers in the cyberspace battling for supremacy. lets see some of the interesting facts about these browsers.


Microsoft Internet Explorer or IE is the oldest among all the browsers. It has the largest user base owing to the fact that it comes as a package with Windows. The most important aspect going with IE browser is the fact that it offers maximum possible compatibility to websites. 

You may see some web pages which arent incompatible to view properly in other browsers. Internet Explorer has also started providing add-on functionality to catch up with their major rival Mozilla Firefox.


Firefox is the most common browser and peoples favourite and giving a very stiff competition to the Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is best known for its ease of use, 100s of free extensions, add-ons and themes. 

Firefox had 20.78% of the recorded usage share of web browsers as of November 2008, making it the second-most popular browser in current use worldwide, after Internet Explorer.

Chrome, the newly launched browser from Google offers the best integration with the Google search engine and some other Google extras. I would surely suggest you to give it a try if you are a Google fan like me. Google waited so long to release this browser after picking up the best features of current available browsers. 

One of the most interesting feature of this browser is instant thumbnails of often visited websites. You can also think like it can work against you and the other "incognito" mode which provides the option to browse the webpages in a secret manner leaving no cookies or browsing history. 

Another important aspect of Google Chrome is that it treats each opened tab as a separate browser in terms of stability and speed. In order to demonstrate my point, I would say that if one tab crashes because of some problem, then only that tab will be closed against the entire browser.

The last browser of our discussion, Opera is not a very popular one as I belive it is not completely customizable. However, it do offers lot many features and extras by default which needs to be added manually in the most famous Firefox browser. 

Only thing is, Firefox comes to you in a lean, streamlined and speedy form, which you then add to according to your exact requirements. Opera is a little ‘bloated’ in that regard. But they were the first to offer integrated mail, widgets, chat and RSS clients. 

It is currently the fifth most widely used web browser for personal computers, behind Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. However, Opera has a stronger market share, however, on mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, and personal digital assistants.

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Six Must Have IPhone Applications



Apple IPhone has got a great touchscreen and forced the other manufacturers to look very closely in this dimension but I believe that the most stunning innovation by the IPhone 3G is the App store. Lets learn more about it. It is an online store which can be accessed from the Apple IPhone as well as from the iTunes from a computer. Here in App store, users can download applications for their IPhones.

These applications vary from RSS readers to instant messengers to games. What's more, a number of them are absolutely free to download.

Lets have a look at six applications that I believe is definitely worth a download if you possess an iPhone and moreover some bucks.



You all must have hear about the Google Maps. It is a fantastic application but it doesnt allow you to find out hotels, movie theaters and other hang outs nearby. Here comes AroundMe which infact uses the location provided by Google Maps to find some important locations in your vicinity.

These locations range from restaurants and pharmacies to movie theaters to banks and shopping complexes. You wont find much information about the Indian cities though I feel it could have been handy.



This is a gaming application and as the name suggests it is Bowling application. I have personally used this application and found it to be extremely addictive. In this application, you are required to select the bowling ball on your screen, position it and then a very interesting thing. You have to be very careful and then move the phone just like you would move the ball.

iBowl requires to select your bowling ball on the screen, position it, and then, hear this carefully, just move the phone as you would move the ball.

In order to release the ball, what you are required to do is: Just move your finger off the particular onscreen button and bravo; the ball starts rolling down and crash into the pins and will produce some nice sound effects.



You all will surely agree with me that text messaging is not a very strong feature of the Apple IPhone, so I belive that an instant messenger becomes very necessary for people looking to exchange text messages. Here, you will find IM+ very useful. Its a great utility and provides support for Yahoo!, MSN messenger, Jabber and GoogleTalk.

You may not find it very feature-rich like other Instant Messengers but its decent in looks and pretty fast as well.



With this application, you play some melody or a tune and it identifies the tune played. Pretty cool!! Isn't it.

Lets say you are in a shopping mall and heard a nice melody, but you can not retain the artist who composed it, Midomi will help you to find it out for you. It will even give you some of the links to find it out

For Hindi song lovers, it again works too.



With a magnificent 3.5 inch touch screen display, Apple iPhone is perfect for reading not only documents, but entire books as well.

Stanza application is a very sueful application which can give you the access to massive database of books but it also allows to share some books from your PC using Stanza Software.

The most stunning feature of this application is that you can turn a page by simply flicking your finger across the screen.



You can give it a try to Writingpad if you find Apple iPhone;s onscreen tough to use. Well, its a very simple notepad like application with a most interesting feature that we can type words just by running our hand across the displayed letters on the onscreen keypad.

Like, I want to type Techno, then run your finger from T to E and so on till it reaches O. You wil find this utility a lot quicker than the normal keypad as long as the words arent too big.

With this application, it is also possible to send emails of those texts you write however, there is a drawback that you can not send SMS.

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300 Million Apple IPhone Applications downloaded


Today Apple declared that more than 300 million Apple IPhone's applications have been downloaded from its App store till date. If you remember, this App store opened in July.


You can see some of the top 10 IPhone Application in the above screenshot. Apple is also claiming that now they have passed the 10,000 applications mark. Whewwww.. Thats a great number. On moving back to history, the Apple store was opened 5 months before and had only 500 applications initially. Since the last earnings announcement, Apple has claimed that over 200 million applications have been downloaded since then. 

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Nokia unveiled much awaited Nokia N97


Nokia recently unveiled the much awaited CellPhone. Ya I am talking about Nokia N97 having a large touchscreen which I feel will bolster its smartphone offering.It is claimed to be  the world's most advanced mobile or even the world's most advanced personal computer. Nokia is hoping to Apple a very stiff competition with this product. Also N97 is planning to directly hit Sony Ericsson's X1 and HTC's TouchPro both of which uses MS Windows  software. 

Lets see some of the features of Nokia N97: 

It has a QWERTY keyword along with a 3.5 inch touchscreen. The desktop of this smartphone can be customized as per your needs and support widgets. Also, Nokia N97 has a 16:9 aspect ratio for the wide touchscreen and also has a resolution of 640 X 360 pixels. If you are looking to compare the dimentions of this phone to Apple's IPhone, it is slightly more thicker than IPhone, a rough estimate is 30% more thicker.

The most fascinating feature of Nokia N97 is that it comes with a 32GB internal memory with support for microSD in case you want 16 more GBs, that makes overall support of whopping 48GBs. Like Nokia N95, it also supports a 5 Mega Pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and a dual LED Flash. It also supports handwriting recognition and also Nokia's N-Gage gaming system. It also has a 3.5MM headset jack along with a microUSP port which can be used for charging up the phone as well as for syncing. It also has a 1500 mAh battery. As the tradition goes, the OS of this phone is S60 which is the latest version of Nokia's Symbian Operating System. 

Nokia is also claiming that this Phone has an inbuilt browser which even supports Flash and Flash videos. I just hope they arent exxagerating. You may think of it as a direct attack on Apple's IPhone which is lacking Flash support. Bill Plummer, the Vice President said at a prelaunch event in New York that Nokia N97 supports real Internet browsing which makes it stand ahead of others. Amazingly, they are also claiming that this phone can play upto 37 hours of nonstop audio, 4.5 hours of Video and has 16.5 days of standby time. 

Nokia N97 supports 3G connectivity just like Apple's IPhone along with a built in compass and GPS. Other conenctivity options includes: USB port, Bluetooth, WIFI connectivity and tri-band HSDPA. N97 also uses a new feature called as S0-Lo(Social Location). It means on using the GPS receiver along with integreated compass, this phone can always track your exact location and moreover it can broadcast this information to your authoried relatives or even friends. 

Another smart featrue of Nokia N97 which makes it unique is that it supports widgets. Comprehensive Reviews have shown that these widgets appear like icons of square and rectangular size and also provides shortcuts to frequent contacts, audio player, calendar, text messages etc. There is also a provision to drag these shortcuts anywhere as per users choice.

Now coming to the release, Nokia is planning to sel this product somewhere in the first quarter of 2009 for some 699$. Thats a great amount. Just for your information, let me tell you that Nokia has sold more than 10 Million N95 till date.








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