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Confess anonymously online via Twitter


"Bless me, Twitter, for I have sinned. It has been 18 seconds since my last confession." Do you have something you want to confess? Do you feel the need to get a dangerous, dirty, heartfelt, or even disgusting secret off your chest. Well, have no fear, SecretTweet is here. Much like PostSecret, the website which encourages individuals to write their secrets on cards which will be posted online, this site gives you an opportunity to avoid the post office and the cost of postage by simply heading to your keyboard and typing out your dirty little secrets.

Coders have developed an anonymous interface which allows you to post to twitter as SecretTweet. Users follow SecretTweet are then able to read the secrets of individuals from all over the world. A few examples of that include:

1) I know that my husband spent over $400 that we don't have at a strip club this weekend.
2) I just got [pleasured myself--edited] in the public restrooms at work. It felt liberating.
3) My ultimate fear is no one going to my funeral when I die.
4) Today was the third unsuccessful interview for internship.... i have lost hopes of finding a job when i graduate....
5) I wish i could make my mum as happy as the wine she can't survive a single evening without.

SecretTweet could potentially be the next PostSecret. With 12,000 followers on Twitter it is already proof that individuals have a strong desire to view and follow the secrets of others. I wonder how quickly someone gets a book deal based on this concept.

It may be worth mentioning that Twitter's new anonymous confession utility runs quite the contrary to traditional Bible teachings which, in James 5:16, read: "Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."

The spirit in which that book was written is not in anonymous confession, but instead urges individuals to stand up boldly in front of colleagues and peers and confess your sins publicly, admitting that you were wrong in what you did and to even ask forgiveness. How many of us have been moved when someone stood up and did that before us, telling us that they were wrong? Our heart goes out to them so quickly. And yet, in a case like this with Twitter's SecretTweet, it's more likely we'll find humor in the postings rather than a heart-reach extension toward that person.

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