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Imgur: Fantastic Way to Upload and Share Multiple Images


We need immediate sharing of images many times especially when we have screenshots to share. There are many Web sites to share pictures online, but there are many limitations in most photo sharing sites. Suppose you want to download an image to tinypic, we must enter the CAPTCHA code every time you load an image. In addition, most websites do not support the uploading of multiple images and we have to load images one by one. There are a few sites offer free pictures and download more and do not delete images.

Imgur good service and easy to share the image

Imgur is a site that lets you download multiple files from your computer or an Internet URL specified. The download is fine and has never been interrupted. You can also resize the image transferred to our needs. The user interface of this site is attractive and uses a flash of default that shows the loading progress bar. You can also switch to the HTML version if your browser does not support the flash version.

Key Features of Imgur Image Sharing Service

* Upload an image file without worry, as CAPTCHA
* Upload multiple images
* Download the image with the URL of the image file.
* Allows you to use the direct link to the image of website layout
* Nice Flash Interface
* Custom Image Resizing option
* Meeting with the large community of Imgur navigation images downloaded
* Options for direct image bookmarking like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

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