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Nokia Supernova


Supernova is what Nokia has decided to call their upcoming mobile phones. the news is spreading rapidly like a forest fire and the Internet blogs are bubbling with activity. The very first Supernova range is expected to be out later at the end of this year.

Now you guys must be wondering why Supernova and not something else??? Me too initially.. Well the term Supernova makes up an image of something unique and spectacular which means something different from what we are actually used to. I heard Nokia is bringing four models in the very beginning. They will be named 7210, 7310, 7510, 7610. I believe the models arent going to be too costly. The most expensive of the four is said to be released at a price of 350$(approx).

Regarding features, they are actually somewhat similar to the previous ones. Some new features that are expected from Supernova series is 3.2 MP camera and a TV-Out connectivity. I believe there will be an option to get the GPS maps and an option to upload multimedia content direct to the websites from this series. These fones are for young guys and girls.. Fashion and design is the core of the range and Nokia knows you want it apart from a regular phone. These could be yours very soon at an attractive price.

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