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Bill Gates taking one step forward: Out of Microsoft


The name Bill Gates has been synonymous with Microsoft ever since the company came into existence. With his resignation on June 27th, an era came to an end both for the Microsoft as well as for the tech world.

He started our inside a partnership between an engineer and a Harvard dropout and started making Basic compilers on Altair machines and then Microsoft went on to become the technology giant with Gates enjoying the position of richest person in the world for so many years. During this course of journey, this company Microsoft earned its fair share of controversies and loyal supporters. It was challenged by both Apple and open Source Linux. Last but not the least, in the Internet war, Google gave a very tough competition to Microsoft. Howver despite all deficiencies and failures, Microsoft still remains the top hotspot of the tech world for a very long time, riding on the huge success of products like Windows XP and MS Office.

After stepping down from Microsoft, Mr Gates planned to spend most of his time and money in philanthropic work with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Having an economic asset of nearly 65$ billion and great help from another tycoon Warren , this foundation is the largest ever in terms of funds at disposal. This foundation is involved in tackling diseases like malaria, AIDS and Tuberculosis. Bill Gates is also having a liking for India and he visits here more often and recently gave 27$ million in grant for fighting HIV/AIDS in India. With time, I feel Gates will be remembered more for his charitable works than for Microsoft.

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