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Google Chrome's new version is out


Good news for Google lovers once again:

The next beta version of Google Chrome browser is released. Wow!!!!!! That seems great to me and I hope my readers must be feeling the same as well. for that, you need to open the About Google Chrome page. There you will see an alert message "A new version of Google Chrome is available". The new release has the number as compared to the old one 0.2.149. 30

Next come on to the fixes and updates in this release. This new version has come up with some top issue fixes, security updates and some other changes that will enhance the functionality of Google Chrome browser. Lets have a look at some main updates which the new version is providing:

  • It’ll be difficult for manipulating the address of the browser, which was previously used to show different addresses for spoofing attack.
  • You can scroll the pagees inside the browser from the touchpad of your notebook.
  • The problems with plug-ins, which had an impact on its popularity, have been sorted out to a large extent. Now, plug-ins, which include QuickTime, WMP, Silverlight and Flash should work better than before.
  • Your browser would no longer crash, if you close a tab containing PDF files (another drawback of the previous version).
  • All secure-access sites will no longer be stored in the data history of the user.
  • If you’re using web proxies, then you are sure to get better performance.

I belive that you would be able to identify these modifications yourself once you start working on it. These changes include positions of new tabs, new windows or even the Incognito window. Also, i came to know that Chrome has some changes in its spell checker and managing of newly downloaded executable(.exe) files.

Enjoy the new version of Google Chrome!!!!!!!!!!!

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