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Google is taking questions via IPhone


Hey IPhone Lovers.... Thats a great news for you. The Giant Google is about to release a new application for iPhone that will allow you to make a search through voice. For that you will need to speak the search term inside the application to get the search results. For a minute, you might feel why this move by Google!! The only reason I can make out is that this application will be convenient while you are on the move lets say driving or maybe you want to give some rest to your fingers by not pecking out your search query on the Apple IPhone's keyboard.

This free application is expected to be out this Friday through Apple iTunes store. The users are required to place the phone to their ear and ask the question like "Who is the best batsmen in the world?" The application will encode the sound to a digital stream and sent to Google's servers which will decode the digital stream again to the words spoken and then pass them on to the Google search engine.

Now the most important thing is : whether the results are displayed quickly or not. As expected, the results will be displayed in few seconds only on the fast wireless network and may also include local search information taking advantage of IPhone feature which can determine the location of the user. Moreover, Google executives are claiming that the search results will be accurate enough to be useful who wants o avoid typing their search queries on the Apple IPhone's touch screen virtual keyboard.

Just like other Google products, this application is available to consumers for no extra money and the Giant is planning to make this application for other phones as well.

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