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Paint.net: A freeware utility


Let's just say you need a photo editing software, you do not suppose the money for Photoshop or the Internet at speeds of more than 4 kb / s. You do not like much the GIMP, and wants to try something else. Of course you can always try the updated version of Microsoft Paint, or use Open Canvas. But will this program as Paint.net "Who put you in the head. It is a mere 1.6MB, and it promises to be simple, but powerful version of Photoshop.

Sound a bit dodgy? Well, it requires Microsoft. NET Framework (3.0) for the operation. Because it uses the engine. Net, it limits the amount of actual code in the program required. It has layers, layer settings ... Manipulation tools for their own form of distortion curves. Stuff you expect to be in any decent image editor. But of course, is the advantage of more Paint.net Photoshop, Gimp, perhaps, is that he has a Lab code to make plugins. The significant community have been a spate of plug-ins and offers features that put it on par with Photoshop CS4 in some areas. The only problem with Paint.net for the moment is the lack of support in a tablet. The developers said they support the touch screen quickly, which is a bonus.

If you think, its worth to be checked out, here is the site : Click Here

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