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FireFox 4 Beta 9 Is Under Rigorous Testing For Release


While the long-awaited Firefox 4 Beta 9 is undergoing rigorous testing, there are a number of completely new functionality in Firefox Beta 4 webfirefoxlogo 125x125 9 is undergoing rigorous testing for the release of the browser to wait, said some of the reliable resources. The power to bring out the favorites are faster and easier launch. To keep pace with the demands of today's needs, some of the trendy new app includes tabs and Panorama, which mediates the navigation options with the best ease of access to your favorite sites. Other improvements include observable performance and speed when using web applications and games. What is more interesting is the inclusion of Firefox Sync, which integrates the browser history, your bookmarks, open tabs, and passwords with the same browser on computers other smart phone. This is an advantage with a plague for privacy, which makes parents happy.

The most interesting thing is that web application developers are much happier with the ease of creating web applications for this browser, as it provides full support for HTML5 and WebMate HDVideo rendered 3D graphics WebGL the audio hardware acceleration APIs and Mozilla that lets you see the sound is made.

Firefox has to be smart to make these options available on the basis of information from more than 400 million users, who are perhaps likely to participate in making it difficult to launch the beta version of the update ahead of schedule. They're fast stimulus before IE, and nearly conquered Europe now.

Let us know which browser you prefer most? Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

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