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Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts – Use Twitter Like a Pro


Keyboard shortcuts are the way to go for every ninja to get things done on computer very quickly. If you want to become a Twitter ninja , here are the keyboard shortcuts to quickly read, reply, retweet and to do more.

* . – Refresh list of tweets.
* / – Go to Search box.
* M – Opens a new Message in a pop-up window.
* N – Opens a new tweet in a pop-up window.
* Press G, then R – Open Replies.
* Press G, then M – Open Messages Inbox
* Press G, then F – Open Favourites.
* Press G, then H - Go Home.
* Press G, then P – Display your profile.
* Press G, then U – Go to another user’s profile, input Twitter name in displayed box.
* Shift + F – Add selected tweet to Twitter Favourites.
* Shift + R - Reply to selected tweet.
* Shift + T – Retweet selected tweet.

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