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Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 Soon to be Available for First Testing


In a draft statement issued by the Director of Christian Mozilla Legnitto, gave details of future versions of Mozilla. According to the draft that we will have 6 and 7 Firefox. It also sheds light on the ongoing process of refreshing its procedure for issuing the browser companies in developing countries.

In addition, a new application was introduced already in Mozilla Aurora Central, Beta and Release.

A number of appointments in the channel using a browser that is ahead will be focused on several issues, but significant, he said. For example, Mozilla is the central focus on the overall development, the project blends repository. In addition, the North Mozilla will take care of pressure and support fixes / features that sets the center channel as a problem with a wider public beta and Mozilla solves the problems that could prevent a final release soon discovered and, in extreme cases off backout / pref.

Mozilla version is actually an emergency reserve in case of an enthusiastic response.

Development program and the announcement of each event:

Except for Firefox 5, in general, every step of the process for a period of 6 weeks.For for example, after the development of six months will be available in Central and Mozilla work on Mozilla's beta has started and so on.

And so we will have Firefox in the last week of June 5

Firefox 6 has its initial impulse, April 12 and next week we might have its first building for testing. The work on Firefox on May 7 will begin in mid May

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