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Fix for “Facebook Chat Hijacks the Firefox Session”


If you are a Facebook + Firefox user, you might have come across this persistent problem whenever you use Facebook chat.

When I am typing to someone in Facebook chat and they send me a message, it cuts off what I am typing then it resumes typing with some letters missing. Also when I am viewing another page, off Facebook and someone messages me in Facebook chat it pops me back to the Facebook page with the chat window open.

Basically, your Firefox session will be hijacked by the Facebook chat till you read the latest chat message. I found it really annoying, so just avoided it by going offline from Facebook chat. I initially thought I am the only one facing the issue but was surprised to see few others having the same issue! So today, I wanted to find out the reason and a possible solution for this, so that I need not hide myself from Facebook chat. This is when I bumped onto this page on Facebook issues and found the possible solution.

The problem was with QuickTime plugin for Firefox. I disabled the plugin and the issue was resolved!

I am yet to know the exact reason behind this, but it solved the issue, and that’s what matters!

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