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Monitor the Kids’ Mobile Usage with My Mobile Watchdog


Are you a parent who is worried about your kid’s usage of mobile phone? If so, My Mobile Watchdog is for you. This is a new mobile application that logs and stores copies of all mobile activity, including text messages, phone calls, e-mails, picture messages and websites accessed. My Mobile Watchdog safeguards your child while using cell phones and immediately alerts you if he or she receives unapproved email, text messages or phone calls. It sends an email every time the child gets a call from an “unapproved” number.

Recent instances of violent cyber bullying and “sexting” has confirmed the need for greater supervision and My Mobile Watchdog is a way for parents to monitor mobile phone use and ensure their children are safe. The software is set to be launched in August 2009 and will be costing $9.95 per month.

Safety at the cost of Privacy?

Its true that many kids fall prey to sexting or other similar habits, but intruding the privacy in such big scale is taking it little too far fetched. They claim that the American police is already using it to catch the pedophiles, but letting it used by parents to keep track of their kids’ each and every activity, doesn’t it amount to human rights violation? What if your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse start using it against you?

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