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For Google Lovers: Google launching Chrome browser


Breaking news from California(CA). Google announced that it will launch its own browser: Chrome on Tuesday.

Now you will probably think whether Google has also entered into Browser war along with Microsoft and Firefox. Google really thinks that we need another browser and forget others as it has been designed by ever smart Google with a purpose not only to browse the web but also to run applications. Great concept right!!!!!!!

Google is also mentioning this Chrome browser will do your browsing pretty fast and moreover unlike other browsers, it is pretty stable and highly secure.

These are the words from the Vice President of product management and engineering director of Google INC in a blog: " We realized that the web has eveolved from simple text pages to rich, interactive applications and we need to develop a browser thinking about this". We not only need a browser but also a modern platform for our webpages along with running applications and thats the reason behing creation of Chrome.

According to Google, I can expect this browser to be very simple and very much user friendly though right now this is just an assumption. Also Google is claiming it will make your navigation pretty simple. The browser is also expected to be an open source browser: Great move.

Google is claiming that while designing this Chrome browser, they thought of improving speed and responsiveness. Also, its has a very powerful JavaScript Engine to power up the upcoming next generation of web applications which are not very much compatible with today's applications. These people are also aying that they are still not done and working on the browser
. But as of now they have released this beta version for Windows platform so that they can gather user comments and improve the browser in their next release. The chrome browser is also expected to be released for MAC and LINUX in the near future.

Although Google is appreciating the recent releases of Firefox3, IE 8 and Opera 9.52 with words like : There is certainly a lot of product development engineering and market experince" but we are also not lagging behing. Overall, Google has decided to stamp its dominance in the browser war as well.

I am pretty excited with this move.. Cheerzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can download complete Chrome browser from the following rapidshare link instead of downloading partially from Google:


For Fun: Type this "about:memory" in Chrome’s address bar. Also try for "about:stats"

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