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Google Launched Picasa 3.0


One more good news for Google lovers: Google has officially launched Picasa 3.0. Any idea what is it? Ok let me tell you its a free desktop based Software which is used mainly for organizing your photos like printing or even editing in a creative manner. You can even integrate Picasa 3.0 with online Picasa Web albums for sharing of your pictures. Pretty cool concept though...

And a very coolest thing is that there is a provision to sync your PC albums to the web Picasa which means changes you make in your PC will be saved in your web album as well..

Google has today launched Picasa 3.0 ,a free desktop software for Windows that helps you organize, print, and creatively edit your photos. Picasa also integrates seamlessly with Picasa Web Albums for sharing your photos online — with just one click in Picasa 3, you can sync albums from your PC to the web, so that any changes or additions you make on your PC are automatically reflected on your web gallery.

Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums (PWA) is a photo-sharing web application from Google often compared to programs like Flickr and Zooomr.

It allows users with accounts at Google to store and share upto 1 GBof photos for free. Users can purchase more storage space, which is shared between other Google services, to a total of:

Some of the features of Picasa 3.0 are:
  • A drag-and-drop photo-collage tool giving you total freedom over layout and content
  • A powerful retouching brush to wipe out scratches and blemishes and repairing old photos.
  • A slideshow movie maker that uploads to YouTube with a click
  • Automatic red-eye reduction
  • Smart auto-cropping facility.
  • A Photo Viewer which can launch very fast and used to quickly inspect and manipulate your images from Windows platform.
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