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Google Chrome beating Opera's market Share


Breaking news guys.

In just 2 days of its release, Google's Chrome browser has taken over Opera's market share and now they are eying on the bigger fish. You all must be aware of this big fish. My initial thought was that Google will certainly take some time to make their presence feel in the Browser war but now the way they are going, I can say they have some critical plans to dismantle the bigger fishes in this browser war. According to some latest news, people are switching on to Google Chrome and most shockingly, they are coming from Microsoft's Internet Explorer and not from Firefox.

With this, Google must have raised alarming signals to the Giant Microsoft. I am just wondering how embarrassing it would be from Microsoft's point of view if they start losing their browser share to Google. Hmmmmmm.

Well, regarding my experience, I have switched on to Chrome as a Google lover and inspite of some shortcomings, I am not going back to another browsers. Also, the UI of chrome is so eye catching which was a very strong reason in my switching to Chrome.

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