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Awesome 500$ 3D Mouse


Many of us are willing to sink hundreds of dollars on a new LCD. Serious players are used for firing of $ 500 or more for a new graphics card. And in May we Plunk even brighter for a new CPU. But what about a mouse? Would you spend $ 500 for a mouse really capable?

So I must be fair. 3DConnexion SpacePilot Pro is not really a mouse, my webmaster told me. There is some aspect that you would expect from a mouse and it does not look like such a mouse at all, even if the manufacturer calls a "3D mouse". Let's call it a 3D controller.


The Pro SpacePilot is a huge machine that exceeds the size of several mouse pads. The platform is dominated by the browser 3DConnexion button. But there are many programmable hot keys - as well as an LCD display, which allows users to scroll and select applications. Applets even allow the screen to display content such as new e-mails.

While the device works perfectly under Windows, it is clearly a device that excels in 3D applications. The manufacturer claims that the controller is the most accurate ever built, entry recognizing that small of 4 micrometers. Most applications are not available to take advantage of this $ 500 controller and it would be too pure (and certainly annoying also) used for text, spreadsheet or image editing.

However, I have written before these devices are fantastic controllers Space Navigator for those who love Google Earth. Entry level products, including the button of the browser are a cost of approximately $ 100.

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