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Blu-ray: Third anti-Apple ad by Microsoft


Microsoft has launched its third commercial hunters Laptop. This time, there is a budget of $ 1500 and the target is a portable gaming computer fast, with a large hard drive. And guess what: they are left with a PC again.

If you had to spend $ 1500 on a laptop now, what you are looking for. A PC or a Mac? If you've done your initial search, you already know that you will end up with a 13 "Macbook, a hard disk of 250 GB, 2 GB of memory and Nvidia 9400 graphics - that's about it.

Jackson and his mother trying to find the perfect laptop for about $ 1,500 he needs "speed for games and a large hard drive. The first look at the PC, then check the "pretty" Macs, but eventually to new PC. Microsoft launches advice that PCs are available in more colors than the Mac are the largest and screens. In the end, the Blu-ray drive available on a 16.4 "notebook Sony seals the deal.

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