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Watch out Hulu: YouTube’s coming with video


Google's YouTube streaming video site has announced a partnership with Hollywood studios, which provide television and movies in the United States viewers. Among the partners agreed to provide content on the site are CBS, BBC, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lions Gate Entertainment, an independent film studio.

Freedom of view, ad supported content is delivered through a "Shows" page of YouTube, and will be separated from the user-generated content.

YouTube is the introduction of the premium content in an attempt to compete with sites like Hulu, which offers ad-supported television shows and movies to users. YouTube new content is older television shows and films, rather than the new content offered by Hulu.


Google has been known to take a hard hit this year due to high cost and low return on YouTube, and the company hopes that YouTube over grant aid in the fight against this through advertising revenues. The company also introduced Google TV Ads, which places advertisements in the television programs which are monitored online.

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