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Google Adsense Ads now on Apple IPhone and G1



Facing a very strong economic crisis, Google was searching for some new ways to enhance their revenue and finally ended up with an interesting idea: Adwords for Apple IPhone and G1. With this, people can purchase ads specifically for these handheld devices having their own separate reporting & campaigns. 

Everything in this idea can be done through Google Adwords interface. Google is claiming that you wont need to modify the ads for IPhone and G1 cellphones unlike the standard mobile ads since these mobile phones have full efatures rich Internet browers for surfing the websites.  Hence it is possible to display your normal adwords ads and landing pages on these small handheld devices without any need to modify the ad code. 

In other words, I can say advertising on the iPhone or G1 or future Android-powered devices is just as easy as setting up a regular AdWords campaign for the Web. 

It was only a matter of time before Google extended AdWords to these devices, wheres a number of startups are already having phenominal success. AdMob, similar to Google adsense is enjoying 4.5 billion impressions each month on mobiles in the month of October itself and are belived to raise a revenue of around $15 million. 

I feel with Google entering this area of advertising and publishing, it would surely hamper the growth of other small players in the mobile ad space in terms of revenue.

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