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Yahoo! layoffs hit Flickr


Flickr has been acquired by Yahoo! in 2005 for around 40$ Million and has been considered as the golden child of the organization. According to Yahoo, Flickr was such a cool web application they invested in and thought it was so good that they even dumped thier own Yahoo photos which was quite popular in favour of it. The Yahoo Layoff has not only affected the employees working for it, even the Flickr has been affected.

George Oates, female and a high-profile member of the Flickr team and one of the site's early employees, was told that she was being given the chop too. What a sad end to her contributions!! I have the news that even some other members of the Flickr team has been laid off as well including- Jeannie Yang, David Sharma and few others. Just to mention, Oates was the person responcible for designign Flickr's interface.

Clearly, Flickr is no longer untouchable. Recently I got the news that Yahoo! is even thinking of selling Flickr to Microsoft.

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