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Six Must Have IPhone Applications



Apple IPhone has got a great touchscreen and forced the other manufacturers to look very closely in this dimension but I believe that the most stunning innovation by the IPhone 3G is the App store. Lets learn more about it. It is an online store which can be accessed from the Apple IPhone as well as from the iTunes from a computer. Here in App store, users can download applications for their IPhones.

These applications vary from RSS readers to instant messengers to games. What's more, a number of them are absolutely free to download.

Lets have a look at six applications that I believe is definitely worth a download if you possess an iPhone and moreover some bucks.



You all must have hear about the Google Maps. It is a fantastic application but it doesnt allow you to find out hotels, movie theaters and other hang outs nearby. Here comes AroundMe which infact uses the location provided by Google Maps to find some important locations in your vicinity.

These locations range from restaurants and pharmacies to movie theaters to banks and shopping complexes. You wont find much information about the Indian cities though I feel it could have been handy.



This is a gaming application and as the name suggests it is Bowling application. I have personally used this application and found it to be extremely addictive. In this application, you are required to select the bowling ball on your screen, position it and then a very interesting thing. You have to be very careful and then move the phone just like you would move the ball.

iBowl requires to select your bowling ball on the screen, position it, and then, hear this carefully, just move the phone as you would move the ball.

In order to release the ball, what you are required to do is: Just move your finger off the particular onscreen button and bravo; the ball starts rolling down and crash into the pins and will produce some nice sound effects.



You all will surely agree with me that text messaging is not a very strong feature of the Apple IPhone, so I belive that an instant messenger becomes very necessary for people looking to exchange text messages. Here, you will find IM+ very useful. Its a great utility and provides support for Yahoo!, MSN messenger, Jabber and GoogleTalk.

You may not find it very feature-rich like other Instant Messengers but its decent in looks and pretty fast as well.



With this application, you play some melody or a tune and it identifies the tune played. Pretty cool!! Isn't it.

Lets say you are in a shopping mall and heard a nice melody, but you can not retain the artist who composed it, Midomi will help you to find it out for you. It will even give you some of the links to find it out

For Hindi song lovers, it again works too.



With a magnificent 3.5 inch touch screen display, Apple iPhone is perfect for reading not only documents, but entire books as well.

Stanza application is a very sueful application which can give you the access to massive database of books but it also allows to share some books from your PC using Stanza Software.

The most stunning feature of this application is that you can turn a page by simply flicking your finger across the screen.



You can give it a try to Writingpad if you find Apple iPhone;s onscreen tough to use. Well, its a very simple notepad like application with a most interesting feature that we can type words just by running our hand across the displayed letters on the onscreen keypad.

Like, I want to type Techno, then run your finger from T to E and so on till it reaches O. You wil find this utility a lot quicker than the normal keypad as long as the words arent too big.

With this application, it is also possible to send emails of those texts you write however, there is a drawback that you can not send SMS.

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