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Gmail added a new To-do list feature


How often you tend to forget to do your important tasks on time? Do you want any help? Google, the giant is right now testing a new feature for Gmail which will help users to keep a better track of their tasks on daily basis.

Google' official blog mentioned that they have designed a new feature known as Tasks which is specifically designed to help the Gmail users to create a list of their day to day activities. The Tasks will be visible in the same kind of windows just like chat window and it will remain visible throughout the user activity which means it will be visible even while users are reading their email or even using the Search feature to search or some other tasks as well.

This feature has already been designed by the Google labs and is right now into the Testing phase. 

Once this feature gets integrated, we have to enable it. For that, go to your Settings, click on the Labs tab. then select "Enable" which is next to "Tasks" and finally click on the "Save Changes" link at the bottom of the page. It may take a while to display this feature, but once it is done you will see Tasks" link just under the "Contacts" link on the left. Click on "Tasks" to get started.

Now lets see how to create a new task. Just click inside the empty part of your list and type anything. You wont find any buttons to save as it is saved automatically. Hit the return key on your keyboard and gosh..... you are done with your first task.

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