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Google Chrome: Out of Beta


Recently Google announced that its Chrome browser which it launched few months before is now out of beta stage which seems quite unusual considering the fact that another Google product: Gmail still has a beta tag even after more than 4 years since its launch.

Google also announced that the Chrome browser has more than 10 million active users through out the world. Thats a great number considering the fact that it has a market share of around 3%.

Apart from removing this beta tag, there are so many new features introduced the Chrome along with some bug fixes since few weeks. Some of these features are : Bookmark Manager. Regarding bugs, I suppose it has fixed the problems playing the audio as well as video files as previously sometimes they played and sometimes they do not. As you all must be aware of the fact that the biggest weakness of Google Chrome browser is its inability to support the extensions. Google is still working on the same.

I also use Chrome sometimes as its very fast giving it an edge over its competitors. With Chrome, I can manage my day to day email tasks like reading and replying emails, reading feeds, searching Google, downloading some files. Though I have to switch back and forth to my second favorite browser ie Firefox since Chrome has problems playing Audio and Video along with lack of extensions support. But still, I can manage.

Now as it is out of the Beta stage, I believe Google Inc would like to follow some tactics which made the Microsoft Internet Explorer the world's most popular Internet browser like bundling it out with some other software programs or even Windows. But I am forced to think whether people would be addicted to it or not?

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