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Nightmare experience with Web Server Hostings


This company does everything they can to prevent you from managing multiple domains. their system makes it as burdensome and difficult, obscure and slow as possible to be able to manage multiple domains. they will gladly and quickly accept domains being brought in, but letting you out? forget about it. unless they can bill you for another year in advance, you can forget about moving your domains to any other domain registration company, as this company will make it as confusing and difficult to transfer your domains out as it can be humanly imaginable.

They recently blocked all my transfer requests on a 30+ domain transfer out of 1and1, refused to answer transfer emails that should have been delivered to our company mailbox and that were being withheld by them and not properly forwarded to me, they delayed transfers until we threatened them with legal action if they didn't allow the transfers to go through, and ultimately, changed the expiration date for many domains that had not yet expired in order to charge us for at least 15 domains that we should have never been billed for;

finally, after billing us, they didn't update the date in the whois, so the new registrar sees no updates to the registry expiration dates, and this would mean that we were defrauded by 1and1, as registry expiration dates not only were not updated, but that 1and1 BILLED US AND DID NOT RENEW OUR DOMAINS since we were transferring them out!!!!

we had to send them letters and calls and it was a NIGHTMARE to try to get our domains out, 1and1 ended up DELETING 8 domains of our 30 domains, when we tried to transfer them out; and refused to acknowledge the transfer requests, now we have 8 domains in redemption because of the REFUSAL of 1and1 to transfer our domains; charged us in advance for 22 domains that we attempted to transfer BEFORE expiration, and DID NOT UPDATE THE REGISTRY DATE AFTER CHARGING US!

UNBELIEVABLE! we are filing a complaing with ICANN about this. Do NOT HOST ANY DOMAINS WITH 1AND1! it's a NIGHTMARE to manage any domains you have, you won't be able to pull them out of there when you need to do this quickly and timely, pay 1 dollar at any other better registration company, and do not EVER consider 1and1 for your domain registration needs, not only it's a nightmare, but also have SCAM policies in order to improperly bill you in advance for unexpired domains and to make the whole process as burdensome, difficult, impossible and horrible as possible! you have to even FAX a signed LETTER and do a double confirmation ONLINE plus TWO different cancel processes, in addition to unlocking, and you must make SURE that you change to emails NOT HOSTED WITH 1AND1 if you expect to RECEIVE the transfer emails,

or else you will not receive your transfer emails, they will withhold them!

in other words,

if you have a domain with 1and1, and ALSO hosting, you have a BIG PROBLEM!

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