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H2go Hybrid Hydrogen RC car


No carbon, no batteries.......Loads of fun!!

A new toy car known as H2go Hyrbid Hydrogen RC car for the kids has been launched. It took more than 5 years of dedicated research and development to develop this next generation energy management, energy technology and aerospace propulsion system. The most astonishing part of this car is that it doesnt need any batteries and even with its remote control.

This battery free toy car is a real working version of the laboratory vehicles running on renewable and zero emission hydrogen fuel. Now lets see how this car gets power. This car gets its energy from the water and sun and moreover combines fuel cells for cruise power along with fast charge super-capacitors for speed. And you get a fast propelling fueld cell car which doesnt even require any batteries.

The complete product includes: solar power plant, hydrogen station, remote control, hybrid electric hydrogen car, and a user instruction manual. Moreover, it is recommended for only ages 8 and above.

You can purchase this car for around 150$.

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