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Gog.is Vs Tinyurl: The Debate


I am sure you must have shared some important URLS with your friends or even colleagues and for this, you must have used tinyurl.com, a very famous website for URL shortening. The biggest problem with tinyurl is that you can never decipher whats behind the URL. You are required to use some tools to see the hidden URL behind it.

Here http://Gog.is comes very handy. With Gog.is, its very simple to create a short URL for any Google search query. Lets say for an example, if you want to share a Google search URL which search for "Most Impressive Laptops", you can provide the URL "gog.is/Most+Impressive+Laptops". The advantage of using the URL "gog.is/Most+Impressive+Laptops" is that it will open the same google search page results as "http://www.google.com/search?q=Most+Impressive+Laptops+" however as you can see, its difficult to share the latter URL.

To cite more examples, these are some sample URLs:

1. http://gog.is/Technology+Laptops
2. http://gog.is/Recession+Impact

Now, one would wonder what can be the exact comparison between the leader http://tinyurl.com and http://gog.is.

Let me give you some reasons which I feel bends in gog.is favor rather than tinyurl.com

1. Unambiguous: As I already mentioned, URLs shortened by http://tinyurl.com are very unambiguous. Its impossible to judge whats behind the URL generated from tinyurl.com, leave alone the tools for this purpose. However, gog.is is crystal clear. You can easily use gog.is without thinking much.

2. Easy to create: Before giving the advantage of gog.is, I would like to mention that in oder to shorten a URL from tinyurl.com, firstly you are forced to visit tinyurl.com in order to create shortened URL.However, the beauty of http://gog.is is that you can create a shortened URL on fly. You are only required to append your search query separated by "+" sign after http://gog.is like for an example http://gog.is/

With this information, how many of you still wants to share complex Google queries with tinyurl.com instead of http://gog.is?

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