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Nu•M8 GPS will help you locate your child


GPS technology is becoming more popular and more affordable to the average peoples. What you see in the picture above is a watch with a hidden GPS transmitter designed to help you locate your children.

Instead of the standard transmitters that are placed in the backpacks or pockets, the company Lok8u decided to place the transmitter in the watch, so you can be sure that it is always with your child. Design of this watch maybe isn’t that stylish, but children should like it.

You can track the position of the child on your mobile phone or computer. By sending a query about where the child is you will receive quick response presented in the form of icon on Google Maps with the street and zip code.


The device has another interesting feature. When Nu•M8 will be removed from the hand of a child by force, the device automatically sends an alarm to the cell and the computer on the current position of the child and the potential threat. You can also define a safe zone and place - if the child is out of zones of this fact, parents will also be immediately informed.

The device will be officially presented at the upcoming CES. Nu•M8 will be available from the spring at a price of around £150 ($225) plus a monthly subscription charge.

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