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Opening Google Chrome browser in Incognito Mode by Default


What is Incognito in Google Chrome?

The Incognito mode of Google Chrome browser is for browsing the Internet without creating any browsing history inside your PC like no cookies, no cache, no History are stored.

The usual way of launching Google Chrome in Incognito mode or Private mode is to launch Chrome in normal mode firstly. Then after, click on the Tools icon and select New incognito window. We can also use the shortcut key CTRL + SHIFT + N. However, you will notice that its a cumbersome process and even I dont like this method.

Alright now, lets see how can I Open my Google Chrome browser in Incognito mode by default.

1. Search for the Chrome shortcut in your desktop. Right click on it and click on the Properties.

2. Navigate to the "Target" textbox and append "-incognito" at the end. Please make sure to leave a space between chrome.exe and "-incognito".


3. Click on the OK button and you are done.

From now onwards, Chrome will be opened in Incognito mode by default. Great hack!!!!!!!!!

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