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How Would You Grade Obama?



The time has changed. United States have a new President ie Barack Obama and change is imminent. But even though Obama enjoys high approval numbers as he takes office, it doesn’t guarantee that we’re all going to agree on the issues all of the time. So where do we go to sound off on the good and the bad?

We can obviously turn to Twitter, FriendFeed, and Facebook to express our collective voices socially, but there seems to be a growing number of services trying to be the central hub of crowdscored approval ratings and opinions on Obama’s policies. GradeObama is the latest entrant to this space and aims to let you do just that - grade Obama from A to F.

The new site, from convinceme.net, allows users grade Obama on the issues.


The application presents big picture issues, each with their own grade, and specific policies housed underneath the umbrella categories. Users can then vote on the policies, add a comment, share it with a friend, view how others are grading and commenting, as well as add new topics, subscribe to RSS feeds, and follow the site on Twitter for new updates.


If joining yet another social network isnt easy for you, but you like the idea behind the application, you might consider using the Facebook application instead. The Facebook alternative offers the exact same functionality as the website, and the convenience of seeing which of your Facebook friends are already grading Obama.

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