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Apple working on large-screen iPod Touch


Cease my fluttering heart


Expensive toymaker Apple is expected to release an iPod Touch device with a 7 to 9-inch screen in the autumn of 2009.

TechCrunch claims to have actually handled one of the prototypes so it is pretty sure what Jobs' Mob is up too. Apparently Apple is talking with manufacturers in Asia about mass production of the gear.

Apple has been rumoured to be making a tablet device for years. However it correctly guessed that no one in the market was interested.

Recently Apple patented something that was very much like a Mac tablet, which appears to bring a lot of the iPhone's multitouch functionality to a slate-like tablet computer.

Tablet PCs haven't sold very well, but Apple' cult Messiah Steve Jobs implied Apple was watching small-device categories like tablets and Netbooks to see if they actually take off.

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